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  • Everything You Need To Know To Enjoy The Camp Week

    IDEAS Camps has strict food and allergy policies to ensure that all campers enjoy a safe, happy and healthy summer.
    All staff are properly trained and well-prepared on life-threatening nut allergy concerns and procedures.
    Please review our guidelines, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

  • Regular Camp Hours

    Regular Camp Day
    The Camp Day Starts 9:00 AM
    The Camp Day Ends at 3:00 PM

    Extended Care Is Offered
    Morning Care: 7:30-9am
    Afternoon Care: 3-5:30pm

    Drop Off & Pick Up

    Please review the procedures below. Please understand that we have an extremely detailed, yet organized drop-off and pick up system to account for safety as well as attendance and efficiency. Thank you!

    Drop Off Times: 8:45 to 9:00 AM
    Pick Up Times: 2:50 to 3:00 PM

    Morning Drop-Off
    • Beginning at 8:45 AM campers will be assisted by our camp staff that will open car doors and direct campers to the proper meeting location.
    • Campers should arrive no earlier please than 8:45 AM as we are unprepared to safely welcome them onto campus (unless you have enrolled in our AM Extended Care program)
    • Although parking spaces are available we are completely prepared and equipped to have you drop off your camper in the carpool lane. Having said that, if you would like to park and walk your camper to the proper meeting location on the first day of camp, then please follow the proper signage to check in.
    • In the event of inclement weather in the morning drop off, all campers will follow the same protocol unless otherwise instructed once you arrive on campus.

    Afternoon Pick Up
    • If this is a highly enrolled week, this process may be tricky at times as we take the time to safely move campers through our organized carpool pick up system.
    • Therefore we greatly appreciate if you carefully read and follow the directions below.
    • There is never a reason to park your car to pick up your camper(s).
    • We will have staff on hand to assist you with this process to make it efficient and safe, so please follow their lead.

    NO CELL PHONES PLEASE. We greatly appreciate if you put them down as soon as you enter the campus and do not access them again until after you leave the campus.
    It happens every year across the country where many young children are hit, and seriously injured if not worse, in parking lots or carpool lanes when drivers are not focusing 100%.
    • Cars may begin lining up for carpool pick up no sooner than 2:50 PM.
    • Please arrive no sooner as campers will still be enjoying the day’s activities and end-of-camp dismissal meetings.
    • Should you arrive sooner than 2:50 PM we will ask you to circle back around and come back at the proper time.
    • You will not have the opportunity to park on campus during this time.

    While Waiting For The Pick Up Process To Begin
    • Each driver must stay with his/her car and the engine must be turned off for safety and noise pollution purposes.
    • Please pull up directly behind the car in front of you so that we can fit as many vehicles as possible.

    When The Pick Up Process Begins
    • Starting at 2:50PM, campers will be assembled in front of the school in lines with their programs and camp groups.
    • Please remain in your car parked as our staff has directed you we will walk along the sidewalk and assist campers into their cars as we pass.
    • Be prepared to show proper ID at the time of pick-up. You will be required to “sign-out” your child during the pick up process.
    • Staff members will not place a child in a car that is not in park.

    If You Are Running Late
    • If you are running late, please alert the IDEAS Summer Camp Office as early as possible via phone, email or mobile site.

    • If you arrive after 3:15 PM please park your car. You must walk in and pick your child up from the camp office or the location where our afternoon Extended Care is being held.

    • Any camper not registered for After Care and who is not picked up by 3:15 pm, is considered a Late Pick Up. Please see Late Pick-Up Policy below.

    Dropping Off Late or Picking Up Late

    Relax. Now Worries!

    There are plenty of daily distractions that may cause reasons for you to drop campers off late or pick campers up early. We are fully prepared for when these situations arise.

    Dropping Off Late (after 9:15am)
    • If you arrive late to drop off your camper, please park your car and walk your child to the Camp Office (follow the signs) to check in for the day.
    • A member of our camp staff will escort all late arriving campers to their group.

    Picking Up Early (before 2:30pm)
    • If you know you will pick your camper up early: please notify one of the program directors during morning drop-off in advance if you plan to pick up your child early from a camp program.
    • You may also use our user friendly mobile site as well (information will be provided to you at Camp Orientation)

    • Campers should be picked up directly from the Camp Office and a parent or designated adult must check out with the camp staff prior to leaving campus in order to ensure the safety of all campers.
    • Campers will not be permitted to wait alone or in the front of the school or in other pickup locations.

    • Please Note, for early pick up; please arrive before 2:30 PM.
    • Unfortunately, but we cannot accommodate early pick-ups between 2:30-2:50pm due to safety and our staff’s preparation for the afternoon regularly scheduled pickup.

    Late Pick Up Policy – For Recurring Situations
    • After 3:15 PM, campers remaining at camp are considered late pick-ups.
    • At 3:15 pm campers are taken to the camp office until a parent or designated person parks her car and walks into the camp office to picks up the camper(s).
    • Please note: Campers are not taken to our After Care Extended program unless they are pre-registered for the program.
    • Campers that are not picked up by 3:15pm will be escorted to the summer office for pick-up.
    • Serious infractions (either based on frequency of late pick-ups or duration of any single pick-up) may result in dismissal from the camp program without refund.
    • This decision is made at the discretion of the camp site director. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Extended Care (am & pm)

    • Extended Care is available on a weekly or daily basis for an additional fee.

    • We offer age-appropriate activities for all campers who arrive at camp early or need to stay late.

    • As a courtesy to our families decisions may be made on the day of camp as well.

    Extended Care Hours
    Morning Care: 7:30-9am
    Afternoon Care: 3-5:30pm

    What To Bring To Camp

    • Sunscreen & sun protection.

    • Comfortable athletic clothing & sneakers.

    • Lunch, packed in a disposable paper bag with camper’s first name and last initial written with a sharpie pen.

    • Sneakers. For safety reasons we require all campers to wear sneakers or fully covered Crocs to camp.
    • **Please no flip flops. (Campers in Multi Sports must always wear sneakers at all times. Crocs are allowed for all other campers).

    • Water bottle with camper’s name clearly marked (we provide plenty of water at all times, so this is not mandatory)

    Inflatable Water Slide Days (we will notify you the day or week prior)
    • Swimsuit and towel

    • It is recommended that campers come to camp in the morning with their swimsuit already on (under their outerwear) to maximize water play time and decrease change time.


    • We ask that your camper have waterproof sunscreen liberally applied before coming to camp.

    • Campers must provide their own sunscreen labeled with the child’s name in its original container.

    • We do not provide sunscreen due to the potential for an allergic reaction. Look for sunscreens that are spray or stick, no-sting for eyes and waterproof.

    General Sunscreen Information
    • All campers will spend time both indoors and outdoors. There is no general rule-of-thumb; however, the campers enrolled in the Multi-Sport Camp will typically spend more time outdoors.

    • Sunscreen sent to camp must be labeled with the child’s first and last name.

    • IDEAS Camps is not responsible for missing or lost sunscreen; however we will do our best to encourage and help campers keep all sunscreen in their personal backpack, bag.

    For all campers enrolled in Day Camp, Ages 3.5 to 6:
    • Individual sunscreens will be stored in the Health Office/Site Leader’s Office
    • Under supervision, IDEAS Camp counselors team members will apply sunscreen to the camper’s exposed skin

    For campers 7 years old (not in our Day Camp, Ages 3.5 to 6):
    • Individual sunscreens will be stored in the camper’s backpack; so please be sure sunscreen comes to camp everyday

    • IDEAS Camp counselors will remind, instruct and encourage campers to apply sunscreen.

    IDEAS Camp Sunscreen Tips: Please see important recommendations below:
    • Liberally apply sunscreen to your child(ren) in the morning before camp.

    • Choose a sunscreen for children and test it on your child’s wrist before using. If your child develops skin or eye irritation, choose another brand. Apply the sunscreen very carefully around the eyes.

    • Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that filters out both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.

    • Apply sunscreens to all exposed areas of skin, including easily overlooked areas such as the rims of ears, lips, and on the back of the neck.

    • Use sunscreens for all children, regardless of skin or complexion type, because all skin types need protection from UV rays.

    • Use a waterproof or water-resistant sunscreen.

    • Use of a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more offers substantial protection from sunburn and prevents tanning.

    • High SPF sunscreens protect from burning for longer periods of time than do sunscreens with lower a SPF.

    Lunch & Snack For Campers With Food Allergies

    Campers who have been identified as having a food allergy must bring their own lunch and snack to camp.
    • The only exception to this is for those children with fish and/or seafood allergies.

    • We require that your child’s lunch be packed in an airtight container such as a sealable plastic bag or a sealed container.

    • Your child’s lunch will be stored away from the lunches of other campers in their group.

    • It will be labeled with your child’s name as well as the type of allergy they have.

    Please choose snacks for camp the same way you would choose snacks for home.

    • Be sure to check all labels for warnings to assure that no traces of your child’s allergen(s) are contained in the snack.

    • You may choose to send snacks to camp daily or in bulk, whichever is easier for your family.

    • If snacks are sent in bulk, please be sure they are in the original packaging with the ingredients clearly labeled as a resource for camp staff.

    • Bulk snacks will be stored in our Site Leader’s Office/Area clearly labeled for your child’s use.

    • Please remember to provide an additional snack if your child will be staying for our extended day program.

    If your child has a food allergy that is not peanut or tree nut related (dairy, wheat, etc.):
    • They will be required to sit next to their counselor during lunch.

    • Their counselor/coach will have their Epinephrine with them.

    • Since cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, donuts and other “sweet-type treats” contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some children; we do not allow any foods to be shared other than popsicles and water ice (as a special treat for campers during our all-camp game competitions).

    • Our Camp Medical Director has approved the use of “Popsicle” brand popsicles for birthday treats or group snacks for these groups. Labels will be checked to make sure there are no milk products in the popsicles.

    Creamsicles (nor any related product) will not be given.

    Lunch and Snack

    • We recommend that all lunches include a drink and are packed in a brown bag or soft insulated bag with your camper’s first and last name and camp program clearly marked with a sharpie.

    • There will be plenty of access to water during lunch and throughout the camp day.

    • All lunches are refrigerated or kept in a cool air-conditioned room.

    • Snack is provided for our Day Campers, Ages 3.5 to 6 and for all campers enrolled in our afternoon extended program.

    • If your camper is not a Day Camper, Age 3.5 to 6, and if you feel it is necessary that your camper takes a snack break: please pack a snack from home, with your camper’s first and last name and camp program clearly marked with a sharpie.

    • IDEAS Camps provides a snack mid-morning each day to Day Campers, Ages 3.5 to 6 and to all campers enrolled in our afternoon extended day program. The snack will vary.

    • If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform us during your registration and enrollment.

    Water & Hydration

    It is important that all campers stay hydrated, and we strongly encourage our campers to drink a full glass of water during breakfast while at home.

    • During the camp day we will continually advise and encourage campers to drink water and hydrate throughout the day.

    • There will be water stations set up near each activity area, and our counselors will offer frequent reminders and provide ample opportunities for water breaks during the camp day.

    • On designated heat advisory days, our counselors are trained to take mandatory breaks and spend more time indoors or in the shade. We will always be sure to keep all campers stay well-hydrated.

    • While it is not necessary to bring your own water bottle, if a camper decides to bring a water bottle to camp, please ensure that the camper’s first and last name are clearly marked with a Sharpie pen.

    Camp Mobile Site

    The camp mobile site allows a parent-friendly website enabling parents to quickly communicate with the IDEAS Camp Office while on-the-go.

    Camp Mobile Site Benefits
    • All camp contact information is easily accessible
    • Quick access to physical camp forms
    • Listing of all summer camp key dates (Orientation or Family Fun Night)
    • Online forms to notify the camp if your camper:
    • Needs to be picked-up early or dropped-off late
    • Needs to enroll in extended care last minute
    • Camper not attending camp for the day
    • Add or remove additional authorized person to pick-up your camper(s)
    • Camper is missing an item left at camp (lost & found)
    • Needs to communicate a quick note, message or question to the camp location
    • Enroll in additional camp programs
    • and lots more…

    Contact Us

    • We love speaking with parents!

    • We also value your feedback and encourage you to contact us at anytime.

    • Whether it is reactive or proactive, we are always listening and prepared to hold a discussion with you about our camp programs, our counselors, safety protocol or anything related to your camper.

    (844) 516-2267

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