Recreational Swim (Free Swim)

The IDEAS Solano Camps recreational swim period is an integral and fun part of all non-Day Camp Programs. We do not offer Instructional Swim Lessons outside of our Day Camp program.

Safety is our #1 priority during any swim activity. Campers enjoy daily recreational swim, which gives them time to have fun, cool off and play in the pool under the direct supervision of our lifeguards and aquatics staff (whom are situated in lifeguard chairs, walking around the perimeter of the pool in zone coverage as well as in the pool with the campers. The goal of the recreational swim period is for the campers to enjoy swimming and and/or semi-organized pools games (ie: Marco, Polo), while being safe and upholding the pool rules at all times.

Mandatory Swim Test
On the first day of camp, each IDEAS Solano Camper who would like to participate in swimming, take a swim-test. The mandatory swim test determines which campers can safely swim in the pool without a swim vest during recreational swim. The test involves swimming approximately 20 yards, unassisted, and without touching the pool wall or lap lane. Once a camper passes our swim test, they are no longer required to take the test again that summer.

If a camper does not pass the swim test or opts out of the test, school facility/pool rules state he or she must either 1) not swim that day or 2) swim with a swim vest.

Campers who do not pass or opt out of the swim test always have the opportunity to take the test again on the following day.

Important Notes
Swimming is not mandatory. Parents and campers can opt out of swimming or water play for the week or day by day. Alternative activities are offered to those choosing not to swim. Parents/Guardians have the option to choose either an opt-in or opt-out option during the online enrollment process.

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