• Pathfinders Camp | Ages 7 to 9

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  • 2020 Weekly Themes

  • June 15 | Dangerous Boys & Daring Girls

    Inspired by the popular books The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls, campers compete head to head in week long tournament of creative challenges. This program is offered to campers who are interested in team spirit, creative building, strategy games, and even espionage. Learn to make the greatest paper airplane in the world, “The Harrier”. Compete in Boys vs. Girls competitions all week long in events such as The Dot Game, Chinese Jump Rope, Capture the Flag, and (of course) The Water Balloon Launch!

    June 22 | Stop-Motion Animation

    A whirlwind of costumes, props, claymation, and fun, campers will plan, shoot, and edit their own stop motion animation movie. Campers will be provided with boxes of materials that they can use to create their very own film. IDEAS animators will go through the entire process of stop motion in small groups chosen by campers based on their interests. At the end of the week, the animators will present their Stop Motion Animation Films to the entire camp. All campers will receive a digital copy of their work for their creative portfolios. Let’s start, stop motion!

    June 29 | Incredible Inventors (4-Day Week)

    “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”
    ― Thomas A. Edison
    Campers, put on your thinking caps and get ready to innovate! Scheme with fellow campers to come up with out-of-the box inventions to solve everyday problems. Campers will be supplied with a box of materials to make their favorite invention ideas come to life!

    *No camp on Friday July 3 due to the July 4th Holiday.
    Tuition is prorated to reflect a 4-day camp week.

    July 6 | Game Show Mania

    IDEAS, COME ON DOWN! Contestants, are you ready to compete in the first ever Summer Camp Game Show? Create, play, and film your very own game show experience in front of a live audience. Giveaways galore in this over-the-top, super fun program!

    July 13 | Seriously...Do Try This At Home!

    You ready for a DYNAMITE summer? Hold onto your socks, ‘cause we’re going to test the OUTER LIMITS of science! What’s that look like? How about seeing sound move, exploding watermelons, volcanic soda bottles, and the HUGEST bubble you’ve ever seen! That’s right, so big you can climb inside! And you know what? You’ll know WHAT…and HOW…and WHY these DIY experiments work. So see you at Seriously Do Try This at Home!

  • July 20 | IDEAS Perfect: Trick Shots and Challenges

    Dude! It’s IDEAS Perfect! Bounce the ping pong ball off the slide, over the bridge, and land in a bucket. Campers will create, film, and edit awesome trick shots all week long. Can you knock the bottle off of the table with a paper airplane? How about from across the room? After a week of trick inventions and battles, campers will challenge counselors to a IDEAS Perfect finale showdown.

    July 27 | Star Wars: Jedi Academy

    Climb on the Millennium Falcon with your pilot Oz Solo for a week filled with interstellar awesomeness! Our Jedi program will blow campers’ minds when they participate in The Light Saber Training Academy with the great IDEAS-Yoda. Race to build the largest starship and make sure to save room at lunch for our Star Wars-themed edible crafts. Travel to the ice planet Hoth to search for secrets hidden in the ice!
    * Star Wars Jedi Academy will take place at IDEAS Summer Camp, U.S.A, Planet Earth, Solar System 7, Milky Way Galaxy.

    August 3 | Artful Antics

    Prep your paint pallet, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to create! Flex the right side of your brain as we paint, sculpt, and draw our way through another awesome week at camp. Mix colors and paint with acrylics and watercolor; learn how to mold, carve, and build three-dimensional works of art; and prepare to showcase your work for all to see at the summer camp art gallery on Friday. Campers will go home with their very own portfolio.

    August 10 | Movie Making: Commercials & Trailers

    We are ready to make our own commercials and trailers! Put on your beret and sunglasses for this hyper-creative movie making program. All campers will design, direct, film, edit, and present their projects. The young movie makers (and stars) will learn the ins and outs of movie making and editing software. From pre-production storyboarding to camera angle technique, all campers will have the opportunity to challenge themselves creatively and socially as they work in teams to produce a final project that will be aired for the whole camp. Each camper will be given a digital copy of their work to add to their creative portfolio.

    General Notes and Trademark Disclosure

    -“Shark Tank” is a trademark of the company and TV show which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse IDEAS Camp or any of its classes.
    -LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse IDEAS Camp or any of its classes.
    -Star Wars® is a trademark of the Disney® which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse IDEAS Camp or any of its classes.

  • • Pathfinder’s Camp is designed for campers who enjoy adventures using both the mind and body to engage in hands-on project-based challenges.
    • All campers participate in special activities such as: the Inflatable Slip n’ Slide, and the Rock Wall.
    • Pathfinders Camp will broaden your camper’s horizons in an innovative, creative, team-based environment.
    • This weekly-themed program allows campers to open their mind and enjoy a safe summer filled with both indoor and outdoor projects, outdoor sports and games, and teamwork development in a fun and innovative setting.

    • Campers are grouped by age.
    • IDEAS Camp aims for a counselor to camper ratio of 8:1 in our Pathfinders Camp programs.
    • Each Camper Receives A Camp T-Shirt (one shirt per summer)

    At Pathfinders Camp, we challenge campers to expand their interests while encouraging them to open their creative minds. We emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, and overall well-being in a positive, safe and fun learning environment—all while developing character and self-confidence.

    Our approach to teaching and hands-on learning focuses primarily on teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. Daily improvement along with the effort over results is the fundamental principle that the IDEAS Camp was built upon. If you are looking to broaden your horizons in a fun and positive environment this summer, then the IDEAS Pathfinders Camp is the perfect camp for you!

    IDEAS Camp offers FREE extended care before and after the camp day for children who need to arrive early or stay late. Campers in the extended care program participate in a variety of well-supervised, age-appropriate activities ranging from sports, stories and puzzles to board games. After care campers enjoy a snack and juice provided by the camp.

    FREE Extended Care Hours
    • FREE Morning Extended Care is available from 7:30 am to 9:00 am
    • FREE Afternoon Extended Care is available from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm
    • FREE Extended Care is available weekly and daily

    Regular Camp Hours
    • Regular Drop-off is from 8:45 am to 9:05 am
    • Regular Pick-up is from 2:50 pm to 3:10 pm

    IDEAS Camp has an extremely strict late pickup policy and an associated penalty fee — please pick your camper up by 5:30 pm to avoid that penalty from being automatically charged.

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  • Weekly Activities

    • Climbing Rock Wall
    • Innovation Challenge
    • Friday Field Day
    • Counselor Dunk Tank
    • Inflatable Slip & Slide
    • Fist Bump Awards
    • “The fact that my son wants to keep going back week after week to experience a new theme is fascinating as he has never shown such a high interest in any other camp before.”

  • Pathfinders Camp Traditions

    IDEAS Camp has established many wonderful traditions. Every day in camp is an opportunity to create memories and overall fun. IDEAS Summer Camps treasure its daily routines and traditions. All of our programs center on the enjoyment of creative play and learning.
  • Pathfinders Morning Meeting

    The best way to start the day! Pathfinders start their days with a fun and energized morning meeting. From Camper and Counselor competitions to Whacky Wednesdays and Fabulous Fridays, there is a lot in store at Pathfinders Camp morning meeting. Pathfinders campers also end their day with an all camp meeting to reflect on the current day and prepare for the next exciting camp day.

    Pathfinder Leadership Awards

    Every afternoon, counselors from each group nominate an Pathfinders Leader who will help the counselor meet and welcome new campers to their respective groups. Campers are chosen to be Pathfinders leaders based on their positive attitude and “we” over “me” qualities. Leaders must wear their special Pathfinder Leader Eye Black.

    Plinko for Icees

    Throughout the week, campers cheer on their peers as the Plinko puck drops, deciding the fate of whether or not the campers will receive an ice-cold ice pop. On really hot days, the Plinko Board has an amazing way to find the proper slot so everyone wins!

    The Spirit Stick

    The most coveted of all camp objects, the Spirit Stick is awarded each morning at Morning Meeting! Each day, campers compete as a team to win the honor of possessing the Spirit Stick for the next day.

    Counselor Competitions

    Creative and fun staff-led games where campers support their own program counselors and have the opportunity to see them participate in team-building and friendly competitions both physical and mental. Our “Oreo Cookie on the forehead” contest is a hit for all campers (and counselors).

  • The IDEAS Dunk Tank

    We like to take advantage of the hot sun as well as a helpless staff member–where campers throw and counselors get dunked in front of their peers to cheers all around.

    The IDEAS Rock Wall

    All campers throughout the week will have an opportunity to climb the wall and aim to ring the bell at the top!

    Daily Camper Awards & Give-Away Items

    Summer Pops (Icees), Camper Eye Black, Camper T-Shirts, Leadership Recognition and Responsibility Certificates.

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.

    Constant visits from our professional camp mascot, Ozzie!

    Family Reunion Night

    The best time of the summer! Towards the end of each summer all families (siblings and friends included) are invited back to an evening of fun and entertainment. DJ tunes, face painting, moon bounces, carnival snacks and family games are enjoyed to celebrate the summer camp season coming to a close.

    Date & Time is TBA

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