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  • Our Counselors Join IDEAS Camps,
    Because They Cherish The Opportunity To Work With Children In A Safe & Friendly Environment

    IDEAS Camps has an adult-led staff and an average camper to counselor ratio of 6:1. We hire professionals already working within education or individuals who are either in college or who are post graduates enrolled in programs and on track to work in education. We have extremely rigid hiring procedures and all members of the IDEAS Summer Camp team undergo a full background and drug test prior to working on location.

    We invite you and strongly encourage that you please take a brief moment to view the following pages all prospective staff must read prior to starting the application process: 

    Requirements, Expectations To Work At Camp

    Background Check Policy

    Camp Job Descriptions and Requirements

    The below information provides you with a quick glance of step 1 of our hiring process. All prospective counselors and staff must read and fully understand the expectations IDEAS Camps demands to work with our campers.

    Below is a passage from our hiring page and the first communication potential counselors read prior to applying:

    Our #1 goal is to hire the most qualified, positive, inspirational, team-oriented teachers and educators to be summer camp counselors with a passion for camp, children, fun and personal development.

    Working at IDEAS Camp is more than simply a traditional seasonal or part time job — join the IDEAS Camp family and experience an environment full of care, development, value, and attention to detail, and the common goal of working together as a team. Working at IDEAS Camp provides you with advancement opportunities for future summers.

    State and Company Guidelines To Work At Camp:

    • Required fingerprints filed with state of Maryland and FBI
    • CORI (criminal offense) and SORI (sex offender) background checks will be conducted
    • Drug tests may also be conducted
  • What Is The Camper to Counselor Ratio?

    Safety and supervision are our top priorities. Furthermore we promote an environment full of enrichment and attention.

    Therefore we maintain a:
    • 6-to-1 ratio for campers under the age of 4
    • 8 -to-1 ratio for campers between the ages of 5 and 9
    • 10-to-1 ration for campers 10 years old and older

    Who Do You Hire To Work The Summer Camps?

    At IDEAS Summer Camps we only hire counselors that have carefully been selected during our rigorous application and hiring process.

    • All of our counselors are have graduated from high school and are currently teaching, coaching or working towards an academic or education degree in college.
    • The only exception would be counselors who have previously worked with groups such as Teach For America or The Peace Corps.
    • Each counselor is hired due to their commitment to fulfill their professional and supportive energy while making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children.
    • IDEAS Camp create an extraordinary summer platform steeped in tradition and filled with memories to last a lifetime.

    Those who work at IDEAS Camp understand that it is far more than just a season at camp.

    • Instead it is a place where campers feel at home, where new experiences can be tried and old skills improved.
    • Our values and goals are reflected in every aspect of each week of camp.
    • From our carefully planned programs and premier facilities to our emphasis on individual achievement in a family atmosphere, IDEAS Summer Camps is truly a special place for our campers and their families.

    It Is Mandatory That All Staff Have Been Checked for Any Criminal or Sexually Misconduct or Offenses on Record As Well As A Drug Test?

    Staff Requirements

    • All staff candidates undergo mandatory State and Federal criminal background checks.
    • CORI, SORI, FBI Fingerprints and Drug background checks as well as a series of in-depth interviews with our Director of Talent and Hiring Department.
    • No staff member is permitted to be on campus without passing all of the aforementioned tests.
    • All staff members must take, and pass, a mandatory drug test to work at IDEAS Summer Camps.

    How Do You Train Your Staff?

    • We conduct staff orientation training programs that focus on a series of camp and child-related topics, which include: safety and security procedures, group management strategies, anti-bullying training and team building.

    • Each staff member receives up to 15 hours of training before the first day of camp. Our team of top-notch, professional educators and college students possess exceptional skills, a commitment to the development of each camper and sensitivity to their needs.

    • They continually offer a helping hand and provide each camper the confidence necessary to try all activities. They encourage campers to grow, to learn, to trust in their abilities and to believe in themselves. Above all, our staff has the determination and the dedication to make a difference in the lives of children.

    Will I Be Able To Meet The Camp Staff Before The Start Of The Camp Season?


    • We hold our Family Orientation in late-May/early-June. Camp directors staff will be present and available to meet and speak with parents and campers at this event.
    • At this time, you will also be able to pick up all important camp-related materials and security passes.
    • While it is not mandatory, it is extremely important that campers and their families attend Family Orientation.

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